Collect the 38 most complete breast enhancement techniques in history

Collect the 38 most complete breast enhancement techniques in history

According to reliable survey data, the 34B-sized top is a perfection acceptable to aesthetic standards around the world.

Of course, in addition to size, firmness and fullness of the breasts are also very important.

And to ensure the fullness of blood glucose, in addition to the female’s own pituitary and ovarian estrogen secretion, the amount of free traces is also an important internal factor that determines perfection. This is why whenever you lose weight (weight loss food)Whether the cup is truly successful or not, the cup will drop to number one.

  (A) diet: vegetables, fruits, milk and fish can be breast-rich 1.

Foods rich in protein (protein foods) such as papaya, fish, meat, and fresh milk are similar to healthy breasts.


Soy beans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame and corn seeds and nuts are effective breast-feeding foods.


Oranges, grapes (grape food), grapefruit and tomatoes, and other foods containing vitamin C can prevent the crystals from deforming.


Foods containing vitamin E, such as celery, walnuts, and red kidney beans, help dark development.


Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli, broccoli flowers, and sunflower oil (oily foods), are good for hormone secretion.


Foods containing vitamin B such as beef, milk, beans and pork liver also help the synthesis of hormones.


Milk stewed chicken-Adding milk and stew with tender chicken can have the effect of breast enhancement (breast enhancement food).


Some soups with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Ziheche stewed milk pigeon soup.

The materials include Ziheche, Angelica, Beiqi, Jujube and suckling pigeon.

The purple river car is a placenta, rich in hormones and hormones; angelica, red dates and Beiqi supplement qi and blood, and young pigeons have the effect of strengthening the body.


Carp soup can also be made from Huangjing, Angelica, Atractylodes, Yunling, Carp and Ginger.

Because carp has a strong physical effect, Atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, combined with a chest-building effect.


Drinking Shengui Zhuxin Decoction also has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and strengthening the chest.


The effects of herbs are also good, such as goat’s milk and milk ginseng, etc., also have a diet to strengthen the chest.

These two herbs can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the absorption capacity of the human body, and help the development of the retina.


It can also be called the following two Chinese herbal teas, including Guipi Tea and Yangxin Tea.

The former nourishes qi and nourishes blood, supplements and nourishes qi, nourishes and calms the mind.

Brewed egg royal jelly with expansion.


Brewed eggs ——Brewed eggs and sugar into cooked eggs, taking a bowl morning and evening during the physiological period, can achieve the effect of beauty (beauty food) and breast enhancement.


Royal jelly ─ ─ Consecutive consumption for several months can have a certain breast enhancement effect, because royal jelly has the function of stimulating hormone secretion.

  15 Gummy foods such as tendons, sea cucumbers and pig feet can increase deep development.


Eat more seafood, such as shrimp and shellfish, and the zinc it contains is an important element in making hormones.

  Common sense: The best breast-cancellation time not to be missed is the 11th, 12th, and 13th days from menstruation. These three days are the best time for breast enhancement. The 18th, 19
th, 20
th, twenty one
st, twenty two
nd, 23rd, and twenty four
th days are second bestPeriod, because in these 10 days, the ovarian estrus hormones that affect retinal fullness are secreted in equal amounts for 24 hours, this is exactly the best time to cause the breast aunt to thicken.
  (B) exercise (sports food) method: often lifting dumbbells and swimming17.

Lifting dumbbells can strengthen the buttocks muscles. Persistence can effectively achieve the effect of chest expansion.

  18 years old

Chest Expansion Exercise—Put your legs apart, hold the dumbbells with your hands, your upper body forward, and keep your hips and standing straight.

Lift the dumbbells up and down to your chest, inhale as you lift, and exhale as you lower.

Strong chest and abdomen exercise-keep the neck and waist straight at the same time, and then straighten your hands, focus on the abdomen, and stretch your hands to the sides while exhaling.

Strengthen your muscles. Keep your upper body forward, hold the dumbbell in one hand, and press the other hand on top to support your body. Lift the dumbbell to your chest, then hang it down.

Inclined push-ups — lift 5 pound dumbbells in both hands. Pay attention to exhale when pushing up, keep the elbow joint slightly bent, and hold it for about 1 second when pushing up to the highest point. Keep the elbow at a 90-degree angle when you put it down.About 12 times.

Chest press ─ Use the arm’s triceps to exert force. At the beginning, you should lift a dumbbell of about 10 pounds, and pay attention to the chest muscles to be locked.

  twenty three.

Apparatus Exercise ─ When doing this section of mechanical chest expansion exercise, pay attention to the slow opening and closing of both hands, do not pull too far, can be stretched to 180 degrees, otherwise it is easy to strain the chest muscles.

Swimming ─ The effect of massage on the chest by water pressure can help certain chest development.

  Editor’s Choice: Are you a small breasted family?

Do you often worry repeatedly that you do n’t look good in clothes when you wear them? At least a lot of beautiful clothes do n’t dare to wear them, for fear of exposing your shortcomings?

This article will show you how to exercise breasts and how to dress well.

  (Three) posture method: sit up and correct 25.

When walking-keep your hips straight, lift your abdomen, raise your arms, and focus on your upper body.


When you sit down-lift your chest up, straighten your waist, and don’t lean on your body.


At rest-it is advisable to sleep in a side-lying or supine position, and not to prone, so as not to squeeze your shin.

  (D) orthopedics: there are tips for choosing bust 28.

You can work hard when choosing a bust and choose a smaller style instead of a size.


If you wear a full cup, you can choose to wear a 3/4 cup; if you wear a 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup may be more suitable.

  30 years old

Choose a bust with a steel support and a molded cup, because you can lift the chest to make it look fuller.


You can also add active chest pads to the bust.


Avoid wearing a sporty bust, because its material is soft, without pads and steel support, it will flatten and flatten the breast that is already “wave flat like a mirror.”
  (E) Health (Health Food) Law: Sweets should stop smoking and do not touch 33.

Eat more legumes, because legumes can reduce female hormones and prevent breast cancer.


Reducing the consumption of high-grade foods in daily life, high fat can cause obesity, and too much is one of the causes of cancer.

  35 years old

Do not eat too much sweets, because long-term consumption of high sugars will increase the amount of insulin in the blood, and insulin is helping the growth of milk proteins.


Keeping exercise for more than an hour a day can effectively reduce your chances of getting breast cancer. These exercises include aerobic exercises such as walking and jogging.

  (6) Unexpected expansion will cause harm to the health-building products ─ According to the Consumer Council’s investigation report, some products or foods labeled as breast-building products on the market have been found to contain “estrogen” after being tested by animals.

  If a large amount of estrogen is secreted, it may inhibit the secretion of estrogen in the body, and as a result, it may happen to be clumsy and hinder the development of the retina.

  Except for products found to contain “estrogen”.

General breast foods contain soy, pueraria, or placenta, while breast creams contain herbs or moisturizing ingredients, but pregnant women (pregnant women), breastfeeding women, children (children’s food) and breast cancer patientsBe very careful when using such products, and you should consult your doctor first.