Enjoy the third place


Enjoy the third place

The aura of the first place will always make us fascinated.

Psychologists have found that with the pressure of gold medal winners and the regrettable ranking of silver medal winners, bronze medal winners are generally more satisfied and accept their own achievements, and the subsequent days are more relaxed.

銆€銆€After graduating from Huangjia University, he made two years of sales in Wuhan.

She then went to Beijing to study, and took the first place in the total score to win a master’s degree in business administration, and tied up with a warm American guy.

Later, she was given the position of public relations manager of a US import car company, which is the highest level that the Chinese employees of the organization can achieve.

25 years old, 5 monthly salary, happy marriage, all of which make others envious.

銆€銆€Because of his outstanding work performance, Huang Jia won the company’s newcomer award in the first year, but Huang Jia was not satisfied.

Her goal is to highlight the achievements of employees in the Asia-Pacific region this year. Even eating with friends, she cares about how to surpass her opponents: “I just came to a new colleague, the English level is subtitle-level, can do the most beautiful PPT, howCan you surpass her?

“Do it best if you want to do it.”

For many people, youth is like a World Cup knockout. Every time, half of the people are taken down: the key universities, the popular postgraduate majors, and the rankings of the gold medals.路-The mountains are outside the sky, whenIs the first really so wonderful?

銆€銆€For those “first” okay? 40 years ago, astronaut Armstrong put the Stars and Stripes on the silent moon, and his life was full of embarrassment from that moment on.

As a legendary hero in the history of human aerospace, flowers and applause no longer bring him more good luck.

Armstrong was difficult to adapt to the great changes in life, and eventually became depressed and reclusive.

Now, if there is any activity to celebrate the human landing on the moon, his answer is: “How long does it take, do you not regard me as an astronaut?

The re-researchers of the United States and Canada have conducted a long-term investigation. The respondents have served as squad leaders at the University of Toronto Medical School, with more than 400 people.

In the following career, 7% of these people had success and were included in the Who’s Who, and the average student was only 1/200.

However, the study found that those squad leaders who had been outstanding during their school days had an average life expectancy of two and a half years shorter than others.

銆€銆€Soon, the animal experiments carried out by the researchers seem to confirm this: those white mice that want to accompany the throne all day, the immune system often does not work properly.

They are more likely to get sick and they are more difficult to get sick.

銆€銆€Another study on athletic performance is even more intriguing: the researchers tracked the life of gold, silver and bronze medalists in large-scale competitions. In comparison, gold medal winners are the most stressed, staying first, and even expecting the best results.The most dissatisfied with the results is the silver medal winner, the regret of losing the gold medal, so that it always has “if it can play better?”
“The luck and conjecture; and the bronze medal winner is most satisfied with his ending, because he/she is already a higher level than the unlicensed player.

Not only is white considered lucky, but because the sense of happiness is the strongest, the life after the award is also happier.

銆€銆€Is there a “first character” with or without “first personality”?

In the 1950s, the famous cardiologist Friedman, M.

) and Roseman, R.


A study on patients with coronary heart disease showed that some of the humanoids are characterized by ambitious, competitive, and eager to work, with a strong sense of urgency but lack of patience.

Researchers refer to this type of person as type A behavior (TABP).

銆€銆€Most patients with coronary heart disease are of this type A personality, so type A personality is also considered to be a pattern of predisposition to coronary heart disease, and the recurrence rate is increased, and the effect is worse after the treatment.

These people have long been in a spontaneous high-pressure environment, resulting in the actual unconscious forced adaptation – changing their personality characteristics, thus adapting to high pressure and avoiding worries.

However, it is impossible for the body to adjust to the requirements of psychological high music without restriction, and the prisoner will eventually become a hidden danger.

銆€銆€Compared with others, I am still more than others. “Today, my 4-year-old daughter is back from kindergarten. She is proud of her. She has eaten first and the old man praises her.” Li Shan said: “In my experience, she is absolutely not full.
Sure enough, less than 7 pm, the daughter said that she was hungry.

I have repeatedly explained that eating and eating is the most important thing, she seems to understand.

What I really worry about is that this kind of thing has to fight for the first education, which will harm the children.

“Experienced marathon runners often use “marking man tactics” during the game: at the crucial moment and then come to the top.

Researchers at Harvard University found a phenomenon in the EQ study: those students who were in the 10th (middle) of the class often came back later after work, and the success rate of their career was higher. They called the 鈥?0th Phenomenon鈥?”.

The reason is that these people are usually better able to deal with the relationship between goals and efforts, more willing to accept the reality, and the interpersonal relationship is more harmonious, so EQ is higher.
銆€銆€”There is no doubt that the first place is outstanding.
“However, for different people, the role is very different.

Li Mengchao, a psychologist, said: “Or for me, the first place will give me the interest and motivation to learn. For some managers, it may generate tremendous pressure and be passed on to the subordinates; others may triggerMany people are embarrassed and lose relationships.

He believes that if a person is too competitive and cannot accept an imperfect ending, the reason is more complicated, it may be narcissism, or it may be a negative Oedipus complex.

If so, psychological interventions that change and adjust perceptions should be taken to solve the problem.

銆€銆€Prisoners, “enjoy the third place” is not to make excuses for being lazy to make progress, but to applaud any results obtained after they have paid their full efforts.

At the end of 2007, when “Auntie” Katie Helms gave birth to the gold, he still had the courage to stand in the New York Marathon, and finally finished the same journey with 5 hours.Can you deny that her smile is more attractive than any Hollywood actress?

銆€銆€The Valenta effect he said, “I can’t fall”, so he really fell down. Valenta is a famous American high-altitude wire rope performer.

In an important performance in the 1950s, many politicians came to the scene and had television broadcasts, but he accidentally played an abnormal role and fell from high altitude.

銆€銆€Afterwards, the reporter interviewed Mrs. Valenda and tried to cause the cause of the crash.

Mrs. Valenda said: “Every time he walks the cable, he only concentrates on his feet and never wants to else.

But this time, he is constantly on the court. This time it is too important to fail, and must not fail.

The result has really failed!

The more you suffer from the loss, the more you will screw things up. This is the “Valenta effect” in psychology.

A study by Stanford University in the United States shows that images produced by human brains often lead to the outcome of things.

As the real estate giant Pan Shiyi said: “If you hold a piece of smeared bread with your hand, you accidentally let the bread fall.

The more expensive the carpet under your feet, the more the side of the shell is coated, the more likely it is to turn over and buckle directly on the carpet.

“How to enjoy the third place. If you are only one of the winners, think about the following benefits. You are lucky, don’t be prepared to win the testimony.”

The demand for “creating success” is completely impossible for the first place, but you are not necessarily.

Not to be afraid of many people.

Some successful experiences don’t require you to groping in vain.

In the eyes of those who have no rankings, you are also an outstanding leader.

It’s easy to adjust pressure and power to an appropriate level, and it’s only a matter of time before you go beyond yourself.

Think about it, are the glory applause and wealth that comes with the first place, do you really need it?

If your answer is “no”, then believe in your own judgment, only interest will last longer.