Protein shampoo DIY soothes dryness


Protein shampoo DIY soothes dryness

Under the breeze of the autumn wind, one hair began to feel restless, with dry, frizzy, yellowing and so on.

The following homemade homemade protein shampoo can help you soothe dry hair!


hzh {display: none; }  牛奶洗发水  取一杯牛奶,加入冰块,在牛奶中加入平常使用的洗发水,搅拌均匀后直接使用。  Efficacy: Milk whitening, milk skin rejuvenation, I would like to believe that everyone has heard of it, but milk hair care is rare.

For a long time, milk has been widely used as a beauty product, but it has been lagging behind in hair products. This is because there is a great technical difficulty. Instead, the main component of the shampoo is the surfactant. During the shampooing process,, The role of primary emulsification and decontamination.

  In fact, if the active ingredients in milk, folic acid and trace elements are not carried by a carrier-ice cubes, otherwise they will be emulsified and washed away with water, and the ice cubes will be adsorbed on the surface in a short time.Nutrients quickly leak into the hair roots and are transported from the roots to the hair tips, so that damaged hair can be repaired quickly, the scaly structure is rearranged, its viscosity is increased, and its luster is increased.

  The sesame shampoo grinds the sesame into powder, stirs it with the egg yolk, and applies it to the hair of the resurrected split hair before shampooing. After 20 minutes, you can clean it with shampoo.

  Hair care effect: sesame is rich in vitamin E, minerals and sesamin, which is very effective for black hair, and has high antioxidant and moisturizing effects, aimed at repairing damaged and fragile hair.

  Lemon Juice Shampoo First squeeze the lemon juice, filter the residue, and then add an appropriate amount of the usual shampoo to the lemon juice, stir it and use it directly.

  Efficacy: Slightly acidic lemon juice has a good hair cleansing effect.

If oily hair is washed with lemon shampoo, it will feel cleaner and fresher.

  Beer shampoo Mix beer and shampoo at a ratio of 1: 1 and heat to 70 ml while stirring. After cooling, you can use it directly.

  Efficacy: The barley extract in beer can make dry hair have a natural luster.