Are you kidding

Are you kidding

Translation: If you owe money to the underground bank and the other party forces you to sign up for terror accident insurance, which part will you cover?

  1, one hand 2, one leg 3, one eye Results analysis: 1.

Select “one hand” friends in the eyes of others[super kidding].

You have a good sense of humor. You will not only take the joke to your heart, but also the funny icing on the cake to resolve the embarrassment: this type of person is very cheerful and coupled with the childishness in the heart, so why do you think it ‘s good to be kidding, So when they joke, they will laugh happily, and they will laugh louder than the other.


Choose a one-legged friend. In the eyes of others[you’re not very joking].

You do n’t seem to be self-confident if you do n’t have confidence in yourself, but you ‘ll find yourself sad and upset: This type of person has the importance of perfectionism, and you work hard to be your best. When others make fun of himAt times, it looks like it doesn’t care, but in private it can be very sad.


Choose “one eye” friend in the eyes of others[you can’t make a joke at all].

Be careful, you will not respond on the spot, but you will find various opportunities to retaliate afterwards. The tired people dare to joke with you: this type of people has a deep heart and a narrow heart.Look, but as long as you have a chance to see the stitches in private, you will never let them go.