[Can a baby have a fever with bananas?

】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

[Can a baby have a fever with bananas?
】 _Baby and Toddler_Can you eat

Children are most prone to fever, because the baby is very young and has poor physical resistance, so parents must pay attention to the problem of fever. During the baby’s fever, we must pay attention to the baby’s temperatureBe patient to soothe your baby ‘s emotions, especially to find a suitable physical cooling method, and pay more attention to your diet. Can your baby have a fever with bananas?

Can a baby have a fever to eat a banana?
Bananas are cold fruits and are cold foods that can reduce fire and cause gastrointestinal digestion.

When there is bloating or constipation, eating bananas can effectively improve.

However, it should be noted that bananas should not be eaten by people with spleen deficiency or coldness, and those with cold hands and feet.

When a child has a cold and fever, it is best to give the child less cold things, so it is best not to eat bananas after the baby has a fever, and bananas promote bowel movements. If the baby still has diarrhea, it is not suitable to eat.

In addition to symptomatic treatment and physical cooling to treat baby fever, careful diet care is also necessary.

Your baby’s fever should be light, digestible, and rich in vitamins.

Generally, liquid or semi-liquid foods are mainly used, such as rice soup, porridge, noodles, rice noodles, etc., with some fresh fruits.

Protein is an essential substance for body repair. After holding your baby to reduce fever, you can eat semi-liquid food such as chicken noodle soup and vegetable porridge.

At the later stage of recovery, more high-protein foods such as lean meat, fish, and tofu can be added, which is conducive to an early recovery of health.

In addition, after the baby has a fever, it is very important to add water, but it is not possible to eat boiled water directly. Because the baby has a lot of sweating after fever, he must add electrolyte-containing salt water, sugar water, and water and salt.

How to help your baby to reduce fever by yourself When the baby’s body temperature reaches the above fever temperature, use the following mild (physical) fever reduction method to make the baby more comfortable: 1, cold compress method: This method is simple and easy, use a cold towel on the forehead, the towel becomesAfter hot, soak with cold water and reapply.

Applying cold water or ice packs is better than applying cold towels to your forehead.

2. Warm water bath or bath in the whole body: Untie the baby’s clothing and rub the whole body or bath with a warm water (about 37 ° C) towel. This can reduce the vasodilation of the baby’s skin and release the body gas.

In addition, when water vapor is evaporated from the body surface, it also absorbs body heat.

About 10 in each bath?
15 minutes, about 4?
Once every 6 hours.

3. Warm alcohol swab: Alcohol swab bath mixes 70% alcohol with tap water 1/1, or 75% alcohol with water 1/2, and also uses Erguotou wine 1/4, and puts it in a small bowl.

When wiping the bath, close the doors and windows, use gauze or a soft small towel to dip the alcohol in the bowl, and rub the children’s palms, feet, arm sockets and upper arm fractures, fore chest and thigh roots.

The water temperature after replacement is about 37?
40 ° C, then wipe the limbs and back.

If wiped directly with alcohol, it will make children feel cold, uncomfortable, and even twitch.

4, wipe with a cold towel: wipe with a slightly cool towel (about 25 degrees) on the forehead and coat.

5, drink plenty of water: help sweating, always water has the function of regulating temperature, can make the body temperature drop and replenish water lost in the body.