Four to four

Four to four

Change the four to four, not one should consider their own value geometry.

You ca n’t accurately locate yourself, you ca n’t see your own stubbornness and weakness, but it ‘s absolutely impossible to follow the trend blindly or follow your feelings.

Core competitiveness, customer base, personal interests, strengths, temperament, and personality must be considered, and of course, adequate psychological preparation must be made.

  Second, we must fully understand the “target industries.”

First understand the industry’s prospects, and then the Chaoyang industry will surpass the future, which will give you more opportunities for this newcomer.

And you must take the initiative to understand, you ca n’t just rely on newspapers or magazines. As the saying goes, interlacing is like separating mountains. The ideal situation is to have several insiders in the industry and provide reliable information at any time. Its content includes promotion systems, salary conditions and other aspectsIn short, the more the better.

  The third is to see if they match the new industry.

After understanding, we must compare and find common points. Generally speaking, knowledge and skills. In the face of customer groups, there are common points in the three aspects of the work mode. It is better to change the line. Basically, they are selling.I have made a sales cola. Although the industry has changed, but the customer base I have faced has not changed, it is better to get started.

  Fourth, we must act decisively.

The farther away the person in the fundamental field, the shortcomings of switching to another line will be fine.

But do n’t hesitate anymore as long as you think the conversion direction is correct, because the longer you wait and wait, the more you pay. If you think of these as investments, the whole thing becomes relatively simple: noChanging jobs, but investing in a new field.

  Four lines of change: Don’t follow the trend blindly.

No matter where it goes, whether it suits you or not.

Development in the workplace is like climbing a tree. When you find that the branches you are climbing are not thick enough or have decayed, you often think of stepping back and changing to another branch to continue climbing.

However, he did not consider carefully whether he could climb this trunk, whether too many people were climbing it, or whether he was “overloaded”.

  Second, don’t force yourself to change careers.

At the age of 24 and 5 years, it is the peak period of transfer, because people in this period are self-independent, full of, young and promising, and begin to re-examine whether work is suitable for them. Their learning ability and recreating ability are in transfer.Has certain advantages.

But at the same time, the 30-year-old is also a peak period of career change. In addition to changing careers under normal reasons, the 30-something affects the mentality of many people, often with a certain degree of blindness. I feel that I have no chance in this industry. I hope I can change for another industry.The environment is impulsive, so it is the peak age for career change failure.

Bai Ling suggested that you should not use age to force you to change careers. Age is not the standard standard, or you should see if you have the core competitiveness in this industry.

  Third, don’t worry.

Career change is definitely beyond job-hopping. Job change can create value for new companies in a short period of time, and people who change jobs often need a period of adjustment and reluctance, and usually they are patient and fail to calm their minds.

  When changing industries, it is like choosing another trunk. There is a process of retreating. In this process, it is difficult to avoid the reduction of income and the reduction of posts. However, as long as the direction of re-selection is the correct industry, this phenomenon is onlyTemporarily, it’s only a matter of time before you go beyond your old posts and salary.

On the other hand, if it is abandoned halfway, the cost is also painful, because it is difficult to say whether you want to switch back to the original industry if there are still vacancies or get the original compensation and a part of it.

  4. Don’t be addicted.

Although changing careers can make your career “Liu An Hua Ming You Yi Cun”, re-changing careers is also a misunderstanding. It is like digging a well, always digging for a while and changing places, and never dig water.