Health principles for sleeping before 11 o’clock

Health principles for sleeping before 11 o’clock

Do you feel awake or tired, and why are you feeling bad?

Do you know the health principle of “sleeping before 11 o’clock”?

How to sleep well?

  In fact, sleep and get up to scientifically grasp the time.

The first principle of health in the Yellow Emperor’s Canon is that “it must be cold and hot all the time.

“Only if people adapt to the changes of the four seasons and live in harmony with the changing space and time, can they be beneficial to life and health.

  9 pm to 3 am is a day of winter, called sun winter; 3 am to 9 am is a day of spring, called sun spring; 9 am to 3 pm is a day of summer, called sun summer; 3 pmFrom 9 to 9 pm is a day of autumn, called sun autumn.

  At 9 pm, “Lidong”.

At 9 o’clock in the evening, Tiandi fell asleep. If people do not sleep, it seems that people are playing a tug of war with Tiandi.

“Manpower is inferior to Tianli”, and the result of “Tug of War” is that Heaven will prevail.

The rhythm of human body change and the rhythm of heaven and earth match, can we “borrow the power of heaven to return manpower”.

  There are two cases of sleeping too late at night: one is not sleeping at night, and the other is drowsy but hard to sleep.

If you can’t sleep, you shouldn’t collect when the yang should be collected.

Autumn is the main harvest. It is day autumn from 3 pm to 9 pm, and people should gradually enter the state of harvest.

“Yang Qi Sheng Mu Yan, Yin Qi Sheng Mu Yan.

“I still did something exciting in the evening, and Yang Qi couldn’t get back, and Yin Qi couldn’t account for it, making it difficult to fall asleep.

The second case is stiff and not sleeping. This is a deviation in concept, you don’t understand the reason of the sun and winter, and you don’t know that you must conform to the laws of nature.

  Sleeping too late at night can be daunting.

In severe cases, depression can develop.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states:

“” The 11 Tibetan Houses decided to be bold.

When 23 to 1 o’clock, the bile is the most prosperous.

People have nurtured courage during sleep. If they don’t sleep and consume courage, severe people will develop “fear”, which is the depression of modern medicine.

  9pm to 3am is the best time for people to sleep.

Sleep during other periods is difficult to replace “sun winter”.

The time to get up is equally appropriate.

  Three o’clock in the morning is the “spring” and six o’clock is the “spring equinox”.

Heaven and earth awoke at 3 o’clock, and the cells of the human body also woke up under this space-time induction.

Wake up between 3 and 5 o’clock every day without having to sleep anymore, sometimes Hou will get more and more tired.

Tian Xing people can’t get out of bed, they can also “tug of war”.

Before getting up before 5 o’clock, at 6 o’clock the “spring equinox” people’s gods can’t come out, making people lack of spirit.

  Some comrades often take a night off because of their work, which affects their health over time.

Because if you sleep too late at night, you will kill Yang Qi, and if you wake up too late in the morning, you will kill Yang Qi.

This is called “double kill”.

Therefore, even if you fall asleep late, you must get up before 5 o’clock in the morning, and make up for noon to prevent “double killing”.

  In addition, the sleeping room should not be too large, mainly for gathering yang.

Traditional health care pay attention to the doors and windows must be closed when sleeping.

Do not turn on the fan and air conditioner to sleep in the summer.When a person falls asleep, a protective layer of yang is formed on the surface of the body.

If the wind blows away this layer of yang, the body will replenish.

The cycle overlaps and dries up the yang energy. In the morning, he feels weak, looks yellow, and his head is wrapped in cloth.

If it is too hot in summer, you can close the bedroom door and open the air conditioner to cool the room, and people will go to bed quickly to sleep.

The cool air can be kept for more than an hour, and the person has fallen asleep.