5 months baby: milk-based, food supplement with fish puree

5 months baby: milk-based, food supplement with fish puree

By 5 months, due to the increase in infant activity, the demand for speed has also increased. It was previously thought that eating only breast milk or milk was far from meeting the needs of children’s growth and development. Now it is believed that pure breast milk can meet the children’s growth and development needs.

  If it must be fed artificially, the main food intake of infants for 5 months is still dairy-based, and milk can be eaten 200 ml at a time. In addition to some cake powder, Heinz rice flour, healthy child powder, even egg yolk is added to 1.
In the case of normal stool, porridge and vegetable puree can be added a little, and fruit puree can be used instead of fruit juice.

Babies who already have teeth can try a few cookies to exercise their chewing ability and promote the development of teeth and jawbone.

  At this month’s age, parents can also add some samples of complementary foods, such as flat fish, yellow croaker, horse mackerel, etc. This kind of fish has more meat and less spines, which is convenient for processing into minced meat.

Fish meat contains phospholipids, high protein, delicate and easy to digest, suitable for the nutritional needs of infant development.

But be sure to buy fresh fish.

  In the expected time, it can still be carried out according to the arrangement of the previous month.

Just a little more in the types and amounts of complementary foods.

Cod liver oil is still taken 2 drops each time, 3 times a day, calcium tablets 2 times each time, 2-3 times a day.