Language habits in job interviews

Language habits in job interviews


Good language habits are not only not to make grammatical mistakes, to be fluent in expressions, to use words properly, to be meaningful, but also to have a way of speaking, such as: proper clarity, proper tone, natural voice, and moderate volume.

When speaking, the Lord is constantly speaking, and mantras are added to the text, such as sick sentences and broken sentences, which are all manifestations of low language cultivation.


It is clear, best, clear, and accurate, which is not very difficult for ordinary people.

For some people, due to the defects of the best organs, individual phonemes are inaccurate. If it seriously affects people’s understanding or affects the overall quality of speech, words or words containing this phoneme should be used less or not.

Of course, if there is a method of correction, you should work hard to correct it, and do not cancel the polar method.

The story of the ancient Greek speaker Demos Tini, who pebbled his pebble stones, may give you some inspiration.


Proper intonation no matter which language has intonation specifications for various sentence patterns.

Some of the same sentences are processed with different intonations, which can express different feelings and receive different effects.

If anyone says, “I just lost a job.

“Use the same rhetorical question:” Really?

“Answers can express surprises, worries, doubts, ridicules and other meanings.

  Studies have shown that the use of upward intonation can easily cause suspense to the listener and increase his interest, but it can cause fatigue if the duration is too long.

The tone of the tone is decisive and sometimes shows his subjective arbitrariness.

  A decent tone should be ups and downs without exaggeration, and naturally unpretentious.

But the dejection that is full of emotional changes is more touching than the cold and flat tone.


The voice naturally speaks with a real voice. The tone is not high or low, without losing self. It just sounds natural and it helps to reduce tension.


The scale is moderate to keep the listener clear.

Properly lowering the voice is more courteous than the commercial voice.

Whispering is a sign of lack of self-confidence, and a loud voice, both harassing the environment and aggressive.


Convenient speaking speed The appropriate speaking speed is not the same speed and rhythm from beginning to end.

The speed and rhythm of speech should be adjusted according to the nature of the content, the degree of difficulty, the level of lifting and the situation of the other party.

A moderately slower pace of speech is more acceptable than an urgent machine-gun rhythm.

  In addition to the above five points, we must also be alert to a phenomenon that can easily disrupt language mood-excessive use of mood words, spoken language.

For example, it is always caused by “then”, “that is,” “um”, or too many “well”, “and”, “you know”, “OK”The gestures such as “yeah” not only hinder people’s coherent understanding, but also easily lead to boredom.

  Finally, it is worth mentioning that the ability to master the local language and thus the Chinese language.

Many people are reluctant to spend their time mimicking the so-called standard phonetics when learning foreign languages, but ignore the nature of the native language, do not speak decent Mandarin, or sandwich a string of English words in Chinese expressions.A language defect.

Let’s see how foreigners comment on this issue.

  The author has heard a notice from a British cultural official. Some young people in the country who want to work in foreign companies say, “Please remember that you need a good assistant to your foreign boss or colleague. As a local, what you have aboutChina, country, people and language and knowledge are the most inalienable advantages.

  Most people are accustomed to speaking, and their voice and intonation only have the feeling of pure self, and this feeling often makes mistakes.

If you record the language in your daily life and then listen to it, it is often easy to find the unsatisfactory. This is a very convenient way to self-examine and adjust.