Chloramphenicol eye drops to prevent red eye disease in summer

Chloramphenicol eye drops to prevent “red eye disease” in summer

In the middle of summer, the swimming pool has become a good place for people to stay away from the summer and cool off.
Shijiazhuang Municipal Health Supervision and Administration Bureau recently issued a health safety reminder: swimming in summer should beware of infectious conjunctivitis, commonly known as “red eye disease.”
  Infectious conjunctivitis mainly manifests as redness and swelling of the eyes, foreign body sensation, pain and discomfort, etc. In severe cases, it can cause vision loss.
Experts from the health department said that in order to effectively prevent the spread of “red eye disease” among swimmers, swimming pools must be equipped with “free residual chlorine”, “pH”, “turbidity” detectors or reagents to ensure that the pool water is used every two hours.Check once to ensure the sanitation of the water quality; the swimming pool should also strengthen the sanitary management of the locker room and disinfect the surface of the objects daily.
  For swimmers, the health supervision department reminded that those with “red eye disease” are advised not to go swimming and to take effective treatment immediately; even if they go to swimming, they must wear protective goggles and drip chloramphenicol into their eyes before and after swimming.Anti-inflammatory eye liquid; do not rub your eyes with your hands or wipe your eyes with a dirty towel.