[How to lose weight fruit tea]_How to do_How to do

[How to lose weight fruit tea]_How to do_How to do

Modern people ‘s lifestyle and dietary habits lead to excessive intake of fat, resulting in a slight buildup of the body, body fat, etc. Too much can cause a series of diseases. Many people will also try various methods to lose weight, but oftenAll efforts have been abandoned, and a slimming fruit tea is very popular now. It does not need to control the diet and can reduce weight. It is very beneficial to the body, and everyone can easily make it by themselves. Let ‘s introduce the method of slimming fruit tea.

Apple Green Tea-Pink Slimming This fruit tea, Micro Ice itself is really delicious. It can not only whiten the pink skin but also make you slim and thin. Drinking more green tea is good for your body!

Drinking green tea every day can quickly lose weight, can fight free radicals and prevent aging, and can effectively enhance immunity, so hey, if you want to make yourself beautiful and thin, you must drink apple green tea that can be thin and thin.

Ingredients: 1/2 apple, 1/2 lemon, and 1 green tea bag with honey. Method: Wash and squeeze the lemon for use, peel the apple and cut into small cubes for use.

Hot green tea bag.

Add green tea squeezed lemon juice before, add apple dices, add 2 spoons of honey, and finally add a little ice cubes and stir well.

Role: Apple and lemon both contain a lot of vitamin C, and green tea, which is considered to be the most effective for weight loss in Japan, becomes this slimming fruit tea that is very effective in removing feces. Drinking more can also soften the skin.

Tomato, celery, cucumber juice-skin-beauty fiber material: Tomato 1 American celery 1 gherkin 2 honey Alternative method: Wash several materials, cut into pieces, and put them into a vegetable juicer.

Add 250cc of boiling water.

Function: The fiber juice with vegetables added will be a bit astringent. This is because of the relationship between the cucumber.

But do n’t stop drinking because of this. This is a good slimming juice that can accelerate the elimination of moisture in the body; the effect of thin waist can be seen soon.

And if you drink it, your skin will naturally get better.

Banana green tea-laxative detox material: 1 banana, 5g green tea, moderate amount of honey.

Method: Peel and grind the banana, add it to the tea, and then add some honey.

Role: Toxic diuretic, swelling, laxative and other effects.

Tomato, Apple, and Korean Cabbage Juice-Detox Slimming Do not think that adding cabbage will make the vegetable juice taste strange!

In fact, Korean cabbage juice is very sweet, and the taste is not astringent. Korean cabbage has high nutritional value, contains vitamins A, C, E and minerals, and is very effective in promoting metabolism.Good figure, drink plenty of purified slimming juice.

Material: Tomato, 2 apples, 1 cabbage, 100 grams of honey. Method: Wash the tomatoes and apples, cut into pieces, wash and cut the cabbage, and put them into the vegetable juicer to squeeze the juice together.

Add 250cc of boiling water.
After adding the right amount of honey, you can eat.

Role: Korean cabbage is an alkaline food containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can help detoxify and defecate in the body and achieve the effect of purifying the body.

Jackfruit tea-indigestion material: 5g black tea, half a pineapple, lemon peel similar.

Method: Dip the black tea bag in cold water and cook until it is cold. Cut the pineapple into black tea, add lemon peel and stir well.

Role: Can clear heat and dispel fire, digest auntie, eliminate edema.

Osmanthus stevia green tea-fat-free and light-weight material: an appropriate amount of dried osmanthus, 3g of stevia, 5g of green tea, and an appropriate amount of honey.

Method: Put osmanthus and green tea into the cup and brew with hot water.

Wait about three minutes. After the sweet-scented osmanthus tastes, add honey.

Role: Degreasing and light weight, whole intestines and stomach, can also detoxify, remove bad breath.