[How to make milk powder for children]_Children_How to make milk

[How to make milk powder for children]_Children_How to make milk

When the milk is insufficient, or the nutrition of the milk cannot keep up, it is necessary to give the child milk powder at this time.

For many people, milk powder seems to be a simple matter, but it is not easy to master the correct method, size ratio, boiling water temperature, etc., especially for novice mothers who are just beginning to contact milk powder replacement.
So, how do children milk powder?

Let’s take a look below.

1. Clean the utensils. Use the detergent to clean the utensils for preparing milk powder, then put them in a sterilizing pot and add water for 10 minutes.

Generally, baby bottles are relatively heat-resistant, but pacifiers, milk caps, and nipples are not heat-resistant. They must be wrapped in gauze and then heated.

After cleaning the appliance, place the appliance on the table and dry it for use.

2. Pour warm water into the bottle. Pour warm water into the bottle. The warm water should be cooled by freshly boiled boiling water.

The mother should pay attention to pouring milk powder first, so that the milk will not be too thick.

3. Measure the milk powder The best way is to use the spoon in the milk powder jar, because the spoon is made according to the needs, and the measured milk powder matches the amount in the milk powder jar.

If the spoon has been lost, replace it with the spoon you normally use for meals.

4. Dissolve in the milk powder. Align the milk powder with the correct number of flat spoons at the bottle. Pour the milk powder into the bottle. Tighten the pacifier, cover the bottle cap, and shake gently.

Moms need to be careful not to shake up and down, and to shake left and right evenly.

Red milk powder taboo 1, do not add milk powder first and then add water.

The correct preparation method is to pour a certain amount of warm boiling water at 40 ° C to 60 ° C into a baby bottle, and then add the appropriate proportion of infant milk powder.

Generally add a flat spoon of milk powder to 30ml of water and mix well.

It is best to eat and eat right now to destroy pollution.

2. Never boil the prepared milk powder again.

If the prepared infant milk powder is boiled again, the structure of nutrients such as protein and vitamins will change, and the previous nutritional value will be lost.

3. Do not increase the concentration of milk powder and add supplements by yourself.

Because this will increase the baby’s strain, cause digestive disorders, cause constipation or diarrhea, and severely cause necrotizing enterocolitis.